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Help Voting in the UK elections ?

May 2, 2010

If you’re a British citizen and have no idea on how to vote ? Has David “Call me Dave I’m a normal guy even though I’m loaded’ Cameron made you forget how bad life under the Tories was ? Has Gordon Brown’s “bigot”  insult to a nice northern old lady just because she dared to question him made you doubt whether he’s capable of governing ? Has Nick Clegg astounded you with his common sense ideas of parliamentary reform, being an active partner in Europe and putting some respect back into Westminster but still not quite convinced you ?

Well this handy flow chart will help you work out who to vote for on Thursday 6th May 2010. Notice if you do go and choose any of the parties to the right of the graphic then you may need serious mental adjustment !

Help voting in the 2010 UK Elections


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