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Ratzi the Nazi Homophobe part 3459

February 3, 2010

There’s been a lot of press and internetty activity over Benny the 16th usual homophobic interfering non-sensical religiously promoted hatred and his forthcoming visit to the UK. I think this picture of him below show’s him in his true colours.

The Emperor of Hate and Disease

I know it’s not nice but I do hope that the FSM (bless his noodly goodness) will take this dress-wearing peadophile protector off to the clouds (along with Benny’s Prada shoes and collection of shiny silk hats) sometime before September. If not I’ll be there throwing condoms full of rancid cream at this nasty homophobe with gay abandon. The gloves are off..this Atheist isn’t playing nice anymore.

The Campaign to pay this rich dripping in jewels misogynist pay for his own little holiday is growing…in less that 24 hours more than 9000 people (and rising by the minute) have signed the petition. Please all visit here and sign and forward on to your friends. Who knows if we get enough signatures maybe the unelected dour scot of a Prime Minister we’ve got in the UK may rescind his invitation to old cunt. We live in hope that the FSM will intervene on our behalf !!!

Minister for Equality except we give in to the religious bigots

Also today there’s report that the nasty pathetic excuse for a Minister for Equality Harriet Harman has caved in to the unelected Bishops in their fancy robes in the House of Lords and scrapped the new provisions in the Equality Bill (you know the one that wants to treat everyone equally..which of course religions don’t like because it means that they may get prosecuted for their bigotry and heavens forfend actually have to employ someone gay – even though they’ve been doing it for millennia!). I was so full of righteous ire that the FSM made me write to her via. My words below.

Dear Harriet Harman

I wish to condemn your spineless, contemptible, despicable climbdown over the Equality Bill and kowtowing to the Catholic & Anglican Churches

Effectively you are saying that religious groups who receive state funding are allowed to discriminate against gay and lesbian people in employment.

You are a disgrace. An embarrassment to your ministry and an embarrassment to your party.

Effectively we now have an Minister for Equality who approves of discrimination against a tax-paying, law-abiding minority group.

Please confirm that any religious organisation who discriminates against a gay employee will not be receiving a single penny of tax-payers money.

I do not want my tax money to fund discrimination against people, based on their sexual orientation.

Please also confirm that not a penny of taxpayers money will be wasted on Josef Ratzinger’s visit to Britain in September. Why should gay taxpayers have to fund the presence of a hatemonger, bigot and promotor of hatred to minorities in our country.

You are a national embarrassment and now Labour has lost itself another voter come election time.

Shame on you and your disgusting cowardice

Yours sincerely

Shame on you Harriet…’ve just lost your lovely Nu Labour Party another voter.

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  1. Eric permalink
    February 3, 2010 21:39

    Great news about Hattie Harperson’s climbdown>

  2. February 4, 2010 20:22

    I’m afraid I must respectfully disagree with you there Eric (even though thats not your it Christian of you to lie about your name like this ?? I think not!)

    The craven climbdown by this vote-hungry witch is shameful in the extreme. It now gives free reign for Christians, Muslims and other minority hating religions to discriminate and keep promoting their hatred. Not very Christian is it to hate other human being so much is it ? What would have Jesus’s have done….following your book of fairy tales about him he certainly would not have disparaged, hated, reviled and victimised minorities like Muslims do, and like Catholics and Protestants’s alike do.

    Enjoy your short lived victory…. the wonderful EU legal system will sort out of all this eventually, and it’ll also be a very pyrrhic victory as the backlash has started and hopefully the 26 unelected undemocratic Lords Spiritual will lose their ability to fight the votes of the saner proportion of the British public.

    • Eric permalink
      February 4, 2010 21:04

      I am not lying at all – people use all sorts of names when entering posts on blogs. Anyway, my “friends” at the Freethinker know my name and I invited you to read my blog which has my name.

  3. February 4, 2010 21:08

    Thats how I knew you were using a different name :-)…but also WordPress tells you on the tracking !!

    Why do you have comment moderation switched on ??? I’ve noticed a lot of christian sites do it to stiffle dissent or even worse like creationists they do not allow comments at all.

    • Eric permalink
      February 5, 2010 10:46

      Thank you for your question.

      I moderate comments in order to keep bad swear words out. I have no objections to people making critical comments against my views, that is free speech, but I do object to profanity.

      You are welcome to keep an eye on my blog and make critical comments but I don’t think it is unreasonable to keep out swear words as it is a Christian blog.

      Trust that answers your query.

      Kind regards


  4. February 5, 2010 11:07


    You follow the same concept as I do here MBMR – My Blog My Rules and I can respect and understand that.

    I will try not to swear on your blog (but sometimes what I think may not be swearing you may think we’ll be patient will each other) if you promise not to preach on my blog ? Critical comments and reasoned free speach are fine….but please don’t tell me I’m angry, selfish, led by the devil, a sinner, influenced by satan, as those I feel, in my opinion, are insults and offensive to my intelligence.

    See christians and atheists can get on 🙂

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