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February 2, 2010

There’s a theme to today’s TWO posts (yes I’m on a roll).

First of all there’s a very interesting article on today’s BBC News website asking “Is Inequality iniquitous?”. Read it here.

There’s a very interesting graph of countries income inequality vs it’s index of health and social problems.

Here’s the graph:-

Index of health and social problems as influenced by inequality

Now you’ll see I’ve marked some countries with rough drawn red circles. Those countries either follow an aggressive capitalistic approach and/or have a very size-able vocal religious majority constantly sticking their noses where they shouldn’t. Also those countries are aggressively anti-equality for gay people…so who’s at the highest for inequality and social and health problems…yes the US of A. I have a theory here…the religious republican right wing actively push their right wing rabid capitalist agenda by keeping to a theme, through their friendly media routes like Fox “news”… they want people to stay uneducated enough, poor enough and stupid enough to believe their bullshit, they use religion as a control tool for them to get richer and keep the silly proles entertained with church and sports and the intelligent left leaning liberal fairer kinder democrats fighting rather than doing.

This is of course conjecture…but very telling…

The green circles of course are the more secular, less religious, fairer, democratic, socially aware european countries where true equality for all is promoted and the religious right are pitied for the nutjobs they are. The capitalist system there is not so corrupt, companies are reigned in by social constraints and employees’ rights are protected.

I know where I’d much rather live !!!! I ain’t never moving back to Blighty from the land of clogs and tulips !!!!

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