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Other good news today..

January 13, 2010

Slappergate….the Iris Robinson story took a slower turn today…but in a good way….. the evil old homophobe who’s been shown to be a hypocritical lying old hag today resigned her seat as an MP in Westminster. YES…no more expenses being fiddled, end of the line for her kids cushty little jobs…. and no more dodgy deals. Now we want her resignation as a councillor, and as an MLA …and from public life. Bye Iris we won’t be missing you and your vile tongue (and neither will young Kirk). It’s very funny that on here – ‘t internet – there’s no been so many christians rushing to her defence…. maybe she upset them to by showing that they are all whitewash , bullshit and shouldn’t have any influence in modern life.

I’m off to open the champagne..well I would if there weren’t 1000’s of people suffering in Haiti…so I’ll donate the cash to the Red Cross.

I recommend anyone with a heart to do the same.

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