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The delicious irony :-)

January 8, 2010

2010 has been a great year so far…

I know it’s wrong to revel (and I mean revel in a cat that got a whole pint of cream type of way) in the misfortune of others..but this time it is completely warranted and this one deserves the revelry !

Referring back to my post of a couple of days ago about the bigoted homophobe hypocrite Iris Robinson well the sordid story continues.


I mentioned in the previous post how the saintly (I’m being ironic) Iris who thinks she has the moral right because of her backward Biblical beliefs to pontificate on the morals of everyone else, admitted to having an extra-maritial affair. Well now the irony metre goes off the scale and her hypocrisy has taken, well, BIBLICAL proportions.

The facts:-

  • The dirty cougar Iris (you little she-minx you) had this torrid affair with a young man who was at that time only 19..when Iris was 59.
  • Iris had known the young man Kirk McCambley since he was a small child, and his father on his deathbed asked the saintly Iris to look out for his only son
  • Iris then took the comforting too far and within a few weeks her and her young buck were making the beast with two backs…. (nasty nasty images of someone as rancid and ugly as her doing that..<<shivers in disgust>>)
  • Iris then asked two “friends” who were property developers to lend her 50000 pounds to set her young stud up in business. They did so and both sent a cheque for 25K to young Kirk.
  • The two friends who lent the each 25k to the saintly Iris were property developers in Iris’s constituency (She’s an MP for the UK and an MLA and on the city council (which nets her more than 100K per year) had their plans for property pushed through no problem.
  • The young stud managed to get a lease on a cafe/restaurant approved by the council, on which his grandmother aged sex partner sat, as surprise surprise he was the only “qualified” applicant for the lease. He spent the 50K gift from Iris on equipment and furniture for the cafe.
  • Iris’s personal advisor was party to the “transactions” in both senses between young Kirk and Iris
  • After a while, riven by guilt, sorry, scared to be found out  Iris stopped the affair and demanded that young Kirk pay the money back that she’d given to him plus 5k in cash for herself. Kirk sold half his business and paid back both developers 20K, only after Iris changed her mind..initially she’d wanted him to pay 25K to one of the developers (the other had died in the meantime) and get this, 20K to the Church in installments, the Church which coincidentally was run by a relative of hers.
  • Iris’s husband – the cuckolded Peter Robinson found out about these dodgy financial dealings in December 2008 and ordered Iris to sort it out as it could be politically damaging to both of them (more on this later) but he didn’t know about the sexual side of things between haggard-orange sunbed-special Iris and young buck Kirk. (cue Joke..whats Iris Robinson and Fanta got in common…they both go down well with teenagers!)
  • In March 2009 Iris couldn’t take the guilt anymore and told her husband about her infidelity..and promptly alledgedly attempted suicde..though the day after it occured her husband is on tape laughing, joking and having fun at work…strange behaviour when  your wife has told you she’s broken her marriage vows of 39 years with a boy young enough to be her grandson
  • Whilst all of the above was going on the lovely Iris was spouting her homophobic filth.
  • Then  a few months passed, 9 to be exact (what a poignant amount of time) and the whole time rumours were abounding in Northern Ireland and the BBC were investigating.
  • Then in late December the paragon of virtue (I’m being scathingly sarcastic now) announced she was stepping down at the next election due to ill health and mental health issues….or was it she could see the denouement approaching and was preparing her defence ?
  • Fast forward to this week and on Tuesday her husband gave a performance worthy of a Best Actor in a Dramatic Role Oscar to a selected few reporters at their palatial home, showing a “Best Dad in the World” card visible in the background…all very unexpected.
  • Then suddenly the Robinsons story broke..and she and him both got some sympathy..from some quarters anyway…not this one 🙂
  • That was until last night when all the facts above were aired on prime time TV in Northern Ireland, where both her young shagpiece and her former personal advisor spoke out and gave the truth.
  • Today her husband is fighting for his career and saying he did nothing wrong, Iris is unavailable for comment due to “health problems” and has jetted off to Chamonix to a luxury villa to “recuperate”

That about covers it…now let’s tot up the wrong doings here…

  • Well we have the sin of adultery from the halo-less Iris
  • We have breaking the Ministerial code by Iris by  1) not declaring the loans in her declaration of interests 2) not declaring the 5K cash from Kirk in her declaration of interests or her tax return 3) abuse of power by association with the property developers and getting naughty little boy Kirk his lease without any competition
  • We have her husband breaking his Ministerial code by not informing the parliament about his wife’s undeclared business dealings that he knew about
  • So in summary she’s lied (SIN), committed adultery (SIN), groomed a young man for sex (SIN), dissembled (SIN), broke her oath as a MLA (SIN), abused her power (SIN), got paid for sex (SIN) and abused trust placed in her by a dying man (SIN)

I think my call for a stoning still stands, this woman has proven how untrustworthy twisted bigoted Christians can be, they feel they can pass judgement on everyone else, call them insulting names whilst at the same time breaking the secular law and the biblical ones.

Iris chuck, if you’re reading this you’re a vile bigoted teenager-abusing trust-abusing wicked money-grabbing power-abusing two faced rancid old trout !

I love it…no I FUCKING love it when christian hypocrisy is shown in the fullest light …and this is worthy of a bodice ripping TV series a la Dallas !

And by the way, mothers and fathers of Chamonix a la France, lock up your teenaged sons, there’s a prowling orange wrinkly-flanged cougar on her way…and you’ll probably get an invoice from her when she’s finished with your sons for services rendered !!

Iris love…you’ve been found out and found wanting..I hope you’re prosecuted for your crimes and disappear very quickly into the piss ridden ignominy that you have earned.

Now where’s my champagne to celebrate???

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  1. Lawrence permalink
    January 8, 2010 20:55

    Very good! Though you have missed out something quite important… Her toyboy was a Roman Catholic. This, more than anything, will shock/outrage the rest of the DUP. (Cos which interpretation of their cult is more important that adultery and gross misuse of public office + funds). It could feasibly lead to the First Minister being forced to stand down, and worst case scenario endanger the whole peace process.

  2. January 8, 2010 20:58

    Well if thats true it puts a whole new perspective on things..her fellow god-squadders will forgive fornication..but fornication with a Catholic…I smell a burning coming on…

    This one is going to run and run 🙂

  3. January 9, 2010 05:35

    Why does it always seem that the often outspoken “Holier than Thou” devoutly religious always seem to be the most morally bankrupt individuals?

  4. AdrianT permalink
    January 9, 2010 13:28

    One person who deserves great credit is Dr Selwyn Balck, without whose revelations there would have been no investigation, and possibly no admissions from Mrs Robinson at all.

    The image of the DUP is now intatters – I would hold champagne pon ice thought because the one party that will benefit is the TUV, a hardline splinter group that disowned Ian Paisley Sr, when he started talking to Sinn Fein. She has made a mockery of them and i doubt the Paisleyite Presbyterians will be so forgiving. It could have consequences for peace in Northern Ireland.

    But so long as politicians get on a moral platform and pass judgement on what others do in their private affairs, we will get more revelations like this. She tried to live to an unreachable standard, and failed. The best thing she can do now is to break free, and realise the cause of her problems is that crackpot Tabernacle church run by the sister of her husband. A prime example of how faith rots the mind and ruins lives.

  5. January 15, 2010 18:02

    Great write-up! Yeh, the ‘relative’ who is pastor of the church receiing kickbacks is her fucking sister ….

    “A trail of text messages sent from Mrs Robinson’s phone to Mr Black revealed how the money was to be paid back. The funds were to be funnelled through her church, for which her sister is pastor.”

    Read more:


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