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Happy New Year

January 1, 2010

Yes..I admit I’ve been terribly lax on here in the past couple of weeks…but what with claiming back the holiday for it’s correct purposes Yule/Midwinter/Solstice instead of this fluffy baby jebus in a manager sanitized christian-o-crap and having our first holiday season in our new home and doing plenty of entertaining it’s been a bit busy.

However I can proudly say I kept the “christ” out of the festive season this year…. I’m thinking of starting a new campaign on similar lines next year. What do you think of the slogan “Let’s take the Christ out of Christmas and have just a MAS – Militant Atheist Solstice“…mm..that has a certain ring to it !!!

Well this year my resolutions are:-

1) Continue the blog

2) Continue to point out/highlight/ridicule religious hatred, bigotry and foolishness

3) Take more photographs and try and get at least 3 a week on here

4) Start a new blog feature of “Alternative God of the Week”

5) Improve my knowledge of atheist related matters in order to argue more effectively with religious nonsense and it’s purveyors

I think those 5 are quite reasonable and achievable….so by Thors’ Hairy Testicles let the decade begin !!!

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