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Church of England .. SPINELESS

December 7, 2009

Bigot Number 1

Bigot Number 2

I’m angry today…angry and ashamed to be British.

The Church of England is the established state Church in England and Wales, and is headed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and his second in command the Archbishop of York. Yes York, the old capital city of my birth county Yorkshire. Now why have these two “esteemed” gentlemen pictured below annoyed me ? yes you’ve guessed it the age old bane of the Church of England..the terror that is homosexuality, or two men or two women loving each other.

First a bit of background ..In Uganda there’s a law going though parliament there to make homosexuality fact there’s an article in today’s Guardian (the best liberally left leaning newspaper in the UK) that sums the situation up..

David Bahati, the MP for Ndorwa West in the Ugandan parliament, would not normally come to international attention. His name is becoming notorious, however, as the sponsor of a wretched piece of legislation intended to rile the west and torment an already suffering part of his country’s population. Uganda’s anti-homosexuality bill 2009, which is now before parliament, is unpleasant even by the standards of anti-gay laws around the world. Its supporters will decry any criticism as neocolonial interference, but the reality is that Uganda is being misled, not least by evangelical churches, some of which have links with the American Christian right.

The proposed law is more a rant against homosexuality and the west than a workable piece of legislation intended for Uganda itself. Much of it consists of a list of unfounded claims, starting with the statement that “same sex attraction is not an innate and immutable characteristic”. Infamously, it calls for the execution of gay men found guilty of “aggravated homosexuality” – by which it means those who are HIV positive, or who have sex with someone who is under 18 or disabled. The bill may be amended during its passage through parliament to replace the death penalty with life imprisonment, but that change would be only a gesture to spare the blushes of Uganda’s aid donors. If passed – which looks likely, since its sponsor is a member of Uganda’s ruling party – the bill will continue to write hate into law.

Ugandans may ask why they are being singled out for criticism: some American states still have anti-sodomy laws on the books, and in Britain legal equality is a recent development. Ugandans may also feel that their laws should not be decided by outsiders. And some in the west, though appalled by the legislation, will fear that international criticism will only further isolate Africa’s gay and lesbian population. Uganda’s president, Yoweri Museveni – like President Robert Mugabe in Zimbabwe – likes to claim that homosexuality is a decadent import to Africa from the west. He may use foreign attacks on the bill to bolster his case. “When I was in America some time ago I saw a rally of 300,000 homosexuals. If you have a rally of 20 homosexuals here I want to disperse it,” Mr Museveni said in 1998.

Well what annoys me is that the Church of England and it’s “Anglican Communion” have been completely and utterly silent on this matter…the Anglican Communion has Uganda as one of it’s family members, and to make matters worse the Archbishop of York , John Sentamu, was born and raised in Uganda. They both have been silent on a law that, if passed , will lead to murder and outright state persecution of gay and lesbian men and women there. This is fascism on a scale unsurpassed, and yet these two spineless, odious , wet and woolly men of “God” remain silent….. and then to add the icing on the cake the pillock Archbishop of Canterbury finally speaks out today because the Episcopal Church in the US want to promote a lesbian to a bishopric…then the bearded bigot will speak out and venture his disappointment and upset….but not when peoples lives are on the line.

Archbishops…you are spineless, evil, twisted bigots of the highest order, you can forget your titles of “Most Reverend”, it’s now been changed to “Most Spineslessly Bigoted and Twisted”.

It’s time that they started following the teachings of the book they revere so much. If you read this and are as incensed as I am you can contact the Archbishop of Canterbury here and the Archbishop of York here…. don’t expect a reply though…the lives of gay and lesbian Africans in Uganda is not important to them.

And Mr Sentamu… we don’t want your sort making blackening (whoops sounds rascist) and besmirching the name of York and Yorkshire and it’s people – so kindly FUCK OFF back to Uganda and join in with the bigoted fun…your silence promotes it and gives credence to it. When you can start thinking like a right thinking loving human being then you will be fit to have the title “York” in your name.

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  1. CestMoiTom permalink
    December 7, 2009 21:29

    In primary school we were taught to respect the Arch Bishop of Canterbury. I was 10 and I was told to follow the methods of a man who will happily watch people needless die because his silence and lives in this delusion that it is what a ‘god’ would have wanted. Small things like this were planted in my mind as a young, vulnerable child and it is still in the minds of my old classmates as they prepare themselves for the adult world.
    Things like this need to be out in the open and discussed, maybe not at the age of 10, but certainly my age and slightly younger. We need to be given both sides of it so we grow up thinking correctly and don’t keep these sick ideas in our heads. At a young age I should have never been taught to follow this man, if I want to follow someone and pick a role model I will choose at an age when I am intelligent enough to choose rationally.

  2. December 7, 2009 21:53

    It just boggles the mind that any even vaguely well-informed person could claim that any Abrahamic descended religion can server as a basis for an objective, humane morality.

    These leaders are despicable. Their actions and inactions are despicable. I’m not an angry person, but really, this bullshit just makes me seeth.

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