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Delicious Irony

November 30, 2009

I’m back..sorry for the short interlude but I got a bit dogged down in the negativity that flies around when one reads about the pervasive nastiness of religions and it’s effects. In short I’ve been called names, been told I’m a problem and the usual anti-gay rhetoric of christians (who of course want to help and love you when at the same time saying you’re spreading disease and trying to be suicidal) ..well the negativity has gone and I’m back with a mouthful of spittle flying rabid vengeance !

This first post for over a week focuses on something I read on the BBC today. Yes it’s that time of year..the countdown to the winter solstice (you know the pagan midwinter feast that got highjacked to become the main Christian feast day)..well this time of year seems to bring out the old religious fuddy duddies keen to foist their religious claptrap and rubbish on everyone. This year they’ve started early  the full article that has inspired this post can be found here see if you can spot the delicious irony that I elaborate on below.

The title first of all

Bishop attacks “nonsense” carols

First of all they forgot a word in the headline and put quotation marks in when they didn’t need to be there should read

BARMY Bishop attacks nonsense carols

You’ll see what I mean ..the first paragraph starts the barminess off..

Popular Christmas carols contain “nonsense”, and adults who sing them should be embarrassed, the Bishop of Croydon has said in a book.’s not the christmas carols that contain nonsense…it’s the whole damn religion thats based on nonsense fairy tales full of hatred, genocide, incest and murder written by a bunch of bronze age goat sacrificers ..the writer of the article that pastes even more irony in “adults who sing them should be embarrassed” not just singing them is a cause for embarrassment; but even being in the Church and believing and joining in with the praying, genuflecting and worshipping is an embarrassment for any sane individual !

Then we get more irony with another following paragraph

The bishop also suggested that the last word of the title O Come All Ye Faithful be changed to “faithless”. He said Christmas was being sentimentalised into a fairy story, which he said was “tragic”.

Hilarious ..I was laughing out loud in the middle of the office reading that “O Come All Ye Faithless”..thats exactly correct in the UK..the only time the faithless majority go to a church is at christmas for the fairy stories !!! But I must disagree with the barmy Bishop here..whats tragic is that people still go to his dying corrupt power hungry money losing Church during the rest of the year..he should be happy of some visitors at least once per year !!!

The poor Right Reverend Nick Baines then made me fall off my chair and made my Jesus & Mo™ Irony Metre go “SPOING” with his next pathetic whine..

“I always find it a slightly bizarre sight when I see parents and grandparents at a nativity play singing Away In A Manger as if it actually related to reality. I can understand the little children being quite taken with the sort of baby of whom it can be said, ‘no crying he makes’, but how can any adult sing this without embarrassment?” He added: “If we sing nonsense, is it any surprise that children grow into adults and throw out the tearless baby Jesus with Father Christmas and other fantasy figures?”

Nothing about religion is “related to reality” how can adults take their kids to church “without embarrassment” and then la piece de resistance..”children grow into adults and throw out the tearless baby Jesus with Father Christmas and other fantasy figures”..ROTFL…thats because most people nowadays have the intelligence to know that Jesus is a fantasy figure DOH!… there’s no evidence for him and he was conveniently “created” in the mould of numerous other sun deities (who’s main time of worship was at the shortest day of the year (21st-26th December time) in order for him to come back ie days get longer after the shortest day..) to control the ignorant masses.

Then the final paragraph which I don’t know how he managed to get out with a straight face..

All sorts of fantasies have grown up around Christmas and it has been sentimentalised into the sort of anaemic tameness that has made many people think of it as nothing more than some sort of a fairy story – which is nothing short of tragic, because nothing could be further from the truth.

MWAAAHhaahahahaha (that’s an evil laugh worthy of something satanically deranged) ..”fantasies have grown up around Christmas”..yup like the fantasy of Jesus existing , “aneamic tameness” well that sums up the Church of England, “nothing more than some sort of a fairy story” thats EXACTLY what it is, and the last line (I’m sending the Bishop a dictionary with a definition of truth (see below)) “because nothing could be further from the truth”..

MM Mr Barmy Bishop for something to be “truth” it needs “evidence” please give me some evidence that a bronze age goat burning guy was born..when there’s never been ever any evidence to prove he ever existed…so to sum up Christmas is a fairy tale for kids that we hope they grow out of..and quickly !!


Truth – See Point 4

Evidence – See point 1

6 Comments leave one →
  1. November 30, 2009 21:30

    “you know the pagan midwinter feast that got highjacked to become the main Christian feast day”

    So you think that only one group can celebrate what’s important to them on any given day?

    • December 1, 2009 15:03

      So you think that only one group can celebrate what’s important to them on any given day?

      Strangely enough, I don’t think Peter ever said that. He mentioned that early Christians usurped an existing festival day (in this case, the winter solstice celebration) and began calling it their own, as they did with other holidays.

      (I don’t for a minute buy their crap about Jesus’ conception day being 25 March, then calculating the birth date as 25 December. Who was Mary’s gynecologist?)

      Did you have any actual point to make, Makarios?

      • December 2, 2009 21:52

        “Who was Mary’s gynecologist?”

        Priceless. Thank you 🙂

  2. December 1, 2009 19:02

    I couldn’t have put it better myself Dan !!! What was your point Makarios ? or were you just in a tizzy because I dared to mock a man of the cloth ???

  3. December 2, 2009 21:51

    I’m so jealous of the UK and your mild-mannered Anglicans! I’ve got fundies in my backyard and Catholics across the street. There’s muslims in the next building, and I’m pretty sure the people upstairs are Rasta. I’m like an atheist island.

  4. December 3, 2009 10:33

    Well I live in the Netherlands now Angie…. a more freethinking place that the UK….but still all the political parties have religious references in their names…but the good thing is that church attendance is falling rapidly and it’s lost it grip on society…but the bad thing is we have over 1m muslims..some radical …in a population of 17 million. The one redeeming factor is that if their imams start preaching hate…they get deported very swiftly !!

    It’s so nice living in a free country, free of the republican right with a social healthcare system that works….the Uk is becoming a cheap version of the US


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