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A new campaign

November 19, 2009
The new BHA campaign poster

The new BHA campaign poster

The British Humanist Association has begun yesterday a new campaign to follow up the extremely successful “Atheist Bus Campaign”, this new campaign is called the “Don’t label me” campaign and is based on the chapter in Richard Dawkins superb The God Delusion when he says how wrong it is the label children at an early age with terms like “Muslim Child”,”Christian Child”, “Jewish Child”. Children are children, and I think and believe that they should grow up free from their parents religion. I have many friends who were forced to grow up religious, of varying faiths, and they all wish that it wasn’t so. I have no problem with someone having a religion, but let that person be old enough to understand the full picture, not be indoctrinated and forced to feel feelings of guilt, inadequacy, shame or anything negative. If religion is so strong and natural..why can’t it wait until someone is adult and mature enough to understand what they are getting into ? The main reason is of course that when you’re an adult you see through lies, mistruths, allegories and deception..children don’t have those adult ‘filters’ in place yet as they come through life’s experiences and are therefore easier to be pulled into and hoodwinked by religion.

I expect to see even more religious indignation from all sides in relation to this campaign. It’s already started (see here) in religious riven Belfast..the Protestants first…but I expect the Catholics will join in soon enough with their vitriol (after all we know how much the Catholic priests in Ireland love little children !) but I think all discussion around this topic is good. This campaign is also linked to the anti faith schools initiative  that is an ongoing campaign for BHA. I for one agree whoteheartedly..the whole faith school impetus set up by Blair the Liar in the UK is wrong, divisive and not the way that we should be educating the citizens of tomorrow.

You can contribute to this worthwhile important campaign here and learn more about it here. I personally think all religions should have an “Over 18” certificate. More images below.

All of the posters for the campaign

Let me know if you want copies of the images for your sites/blogs.

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  1. Lawrence permalink
    November 19, 2009 17:23

    As I’ve said before, my best friend is a Protestant Christian. (He’s also a straight middle class Tory; we basically argue about everything… though tbh that’s why he’s my bestie.) I must say kudos – kinda – to his mum though. She’s forbade her kids from joining the church until they’re at least 18, and are mature enough to make the decision for themselves. It’s an uncommon view, and in my opinion is one reason why my friend is quite tolerant of the gays, atheism and other opinions. The problem is of course that most parents don’t – this is what I believe, so I’d better indoctrinate you too.

    Faith schools as a concept are horrible. Can you imagine if someone set up a “white” school, to teach children from P1 up about “White values”? It’s an unacceptable form of segregation and division, and in my opinion has contributed to religious and – let’s face it – racial tensions in the UK. This campaign has got my vote.

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