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Undone – an update

November 12, 2009

A small update. You’ll probably all remember my post last week about the lovely Carrie “Pre-Cum” Prejean.


Dumb Bigot Carrie "I can't even storm off TV properly" Prejean

Well the silly bitch doesn’t know where to stop, the daft brainless fake boobed blonde bigot went on the Larry King show (some old guy famous in the US with silly braces) to push her terrible new book (in a very cack handed way) and she dared to say he was inappropriate for asking her about the events of last week… the blonde bimbette then decided to remove her microphone when a gay man called in..and tried to walk off…but the dumb cow couldn’t even manage to do that properly. She is a superb epitome of the stupidness of the religiously afflicted.. watch the video and laugh at her utter ineptness. If you’re going to do silly things like make masturbatory videos, and then try and promote something on TV not even a week later…don’t expect people not to ask questions about it.

Carrie “Pre-cum” Prejean you are the FAIL of the week.


It seems the lovely Carrie has made another 7 of these videos…… not the ones with Larry King…I mean the type of her indulging in the un-christian masturbatory  kind….

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  1. November 14, 2009 16:14

    Larry King may seem silly and old (and I fear suffering from the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia) but he’s still a pretty big deal as far as the more serious variety of interviews goes. She truly is digging her own grave, the more she aggravates this the more she’s going to lose the last shred of christian right support she had (and sadly she still had some after the vagina disco tape came out). If she were smart she’d stay low until this blows over and then come out with an apology book explaining her wrongs and how God helped her see the error of her ways, a la Ted Haggardesque.

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