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November 4, 2009

I stated on my blog yesterday that I hated religion and a couple of colleagues at work saw my post and discussed it with me today. I also got a comment on my post from one Zdenny who seems to spend all his time spouting christian claptrap on numerous atheist blogs in an inane condescending manner.

Just to make things clear then after his comment “Your post reveals your heart which appears to be brimming over with anger.” I replied to this comment with the following “Nope my heart is fine thanks. suffering from a bit of elevated blood pressure but not brimming with anger… if you read what I said was I hated religion..not christians, not muslims…just organised abrahamic religion.

Lastly i don’t hate anyone…uses way too much energy..but what i do despise is the way some humans have twisted a lot of bronze age scribblings into hated of people who are different, to subjugate women and to actively aid , abet and cover up extensive child abuse.”

I hope that clarifies things !

I have friends and colleagues who are religiously afflicted..but do not force that belief of theirs on anyone else, who are kind not condescending and who love and not hate. I may not agree with them..but I approve of the way they show their belief in private without harming or hating anyone else….would that all of their co-religionists were the same.

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  1. November 4, 2009 20:17

    A most excellent clarification! I often hear Christians espousing the idea of “hating the sin” while “loving the sinner”. By contrast, many of them seem unable to understand how atheists can hate religion without hating them personally.

    I think part of that is because many of them seem to be unable to separate themselves from their religious beliefs. Their beliefs are a deeply integral part of their lives, and to not believe would be to not exist (in their minds). Actually quite frightening when I think about it.

  2. November 4, 2009 20:22

    Thanks for commenting Dan J ..always great to have someone sensible posting 🙂 I agree with you..I had the discussion with a colleague at work who sort of said the “hate the sin” which I replied my clarification..she got it straight away….. but the kind of people you talk about whose loonytunes beliefs are so ingrained into their personalities…well they are usually the type who murder doctors, picket soldiers funerals, scream hatred of anyone different and fly planes into buildings.

  3. cafewitteveen permalink
    November 4, 2009 20:52

    I rather admire how Zdenny riffles off some insubstantial “I’m a Christian fuck yous” and “Jesus may love you, but I think you’re an asshole tomfoolery” and then puts a bandaid on the gaping wound, blows on it, kisses it and says, “God Bless!”

    As if issuing forth the “god” trump card is going to alleviate all things vile that have left his brain onto keyboard and into 0s and 1s on the Internet.

    I’ve mulled the “hate the sinner, love the caviar and stay for the sushi” debacle as a result of my familial discussion, and I have to say you’re right, Peter. Hate takes too much energy with people.

    Although I have been working on an “in defense of Christians” post that refuses to write itself. I’m afraid it might be a wee bit contrived. Wish ’em hoo-ha luck, chuck.

  4. November 4, 2009 23:17

    Cafe statement, “I rather admire how Zdenny riffles off some insubstantial “I’m a Christian fuck yous” and “Jesus may love you, but I think you’re an asshole tomfoolery” and then puts a bandaid on the gaping wound, blows on it, kisses it and says, “God Bless!”

    Response: When you don’t believe in a transcendent reality, then every disagreement is seen as an attack on you personally. A person simply disagreeing with an atheist puts them in the category of mockery and scorn.

    It is truly sad! I know that you can’t see the image of God within me so you instead insult and attack me personally since I am just a piece of matter with equal value to any rock in your driveway.

    I have never engaged in this type of activity; however, this is how I am treated by atheist all the time. Ideas are immaterial; however, due to atheists believing all reality is material, an attack on their idea (part of their materiality) is an attack on them personally. Debate always is overwhelmed by emotions rather than supported by reason when this worldview is held.

    The reason for mockery and insult merely demonstrates that the person does not know love. The Bible says that love is patient, kind and gentle. Cafe certainly did not follow the reality of love in his statement. I have not attacked anyone; rather, i am attempting to show people the more excellent path of love.

    Love is more than a feeling so Atheists are misled into thinking that when they don’t feel love that they can insult and hate without consequence to themselves or to humanity.

    I would love to introduce you to the love of Christ. He has overcome the curse of sin and selfish desire. Jesus is willing to show you the reality of love that all Christians who have died to the desires of the flesh know to be true.

    You have to follow Christ and put to death the desires of the flesh in order to be resurrected to new life and enjoy the love of God for eternity.

    That is why the Bible says that the path of love is narrow and only a few find it. A person’s desires overwhelmingly trump God’s love. The rejection of love is a choice that you make. However, if you reject love, the only other option is an eternity without love which we call the wrath of God.

    Are you willing to sacrifice the desires of the flesh for love? The love of God is calling out to you. It is drawing you to Him. His voice is in your head and your hearts so don’t turn away…

    God Bless

  5. November 5, 2009 19:50

    I’m sorry Zdenny just made me bring up vomit with that persecuted mis-understood christian crap. It’s not even worth commenting on. Please go away and bother someone else who you have a least an atom’s chance of converting to your loonytunes delusions.

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