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Free Speech

November 3, 2009

I haven’t posted for a couple of days..but decided to catch up today.

I’ve been thinking a lot about free speech a lot lately and how important it is. Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of the murder of Theo van Gogh. Not many people outside of the Netherlands have heard of Theo, but he was an outspoken criticizer of religions (ALL of them), quackery and in-your-face-outspoken about his right to say and give his opinion.

For those reasons he was murdered by a radical muslim on the streets on Amsterdam. More about the murder here and Theo here. One of the main reasons for his murder was the following video. He dared to have an opinion of the way Islam mistreats women and because of that a member of the that religion of the perpetually offended stabbed him and cut his throat on a grey November morning.

I’m sure there’s versions on YouTube of the video with english subtitles..but it’s a powerful short peace.

Today is also an important day in two US states, Maine and Washington. The Christian <spit> right has pushed proposals to stop gay marriage (or EQUAL Marriage as it should be known) in both states. If you know anyone in those states make sure they vote No on Proposal 1 in Maine and Yes on Referendum 71 in Washington. The Christian right has used their free speach to push hatred, misinformation and general codswallop that society as we know it will end if the dirty homo’s marry each other… of course every right minded non-religiously blinded person know’s different… everyone is equal whether black, white, atheist, christian, gay or straight and everyone has the right to free speech and to marry the person they love. Free Speech is an important right ..use it.

More about the US votes in Maine and Washington..follow the links.

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  1. November 3, 2009 20:39

    I love Ayaan Hirsi Ali, I’d love to read her book (it’s on my to-read list). I heard recently that some people in the atheist community have organized a bit of a fund to help pay for her bodyguards. I believe Hitchens is one of them.

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