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And the winner is……

October 31, 2009

We you voted in your thousands, ok maybe a small over-exaggeration, hundreds, OK, Ok 20 odd of you voted and I am now happy to announce the winner of this weeks Bigot of the Week award.

The happy winner gets this lovely photo sent to them , unframed, soaked in anthrax as well as free pile of nicely smelly cow manure mixed with pig slurry and festering hospital waste to show them how polluted their minds are.

The BIGOT of the week award

The Bigot of the Week Award

Oh..yes..the winner…..the winner is.. ERNESTINE COPELAND of Washington DC, US of A.

Ernestine wins this week aware due to

  1. Her seriously bad hair
  2. Her waffling hate filled written-on-the-back-of-a-cigarette-packet drivel of  a speach
  3. Her general barminess and loop -de-loop crazyness
  4. And also to show that we don’t discriminate here at the Bigot of the Week awards….bigots of all creeds/colours can win the award.

Some other people have noted her nastiness and done an article about it here.

Tune in for next weeks exciting award !!!!

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  1. Lawrence permalink
    October 31, 2009 15:11

    Haha very good! I must say, they were both very deserving, but this nutter well and truly takes the biscuit.

  2. October 31, 2009 15:49

    I think she deserved it…can we make the other hussy who came in second next week’s bigot?

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