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Bigot of the Week

October 30, 2009

Well it’s’s gone five to five and it’s tiiiimmmmeeee for Bigot of the Week.

Yes it’s the time of week when we vote the most odious bigoted twisted individual of the past seven days.

This week we have a choice of two and you the reading public or the Twitterati (you know who you are !) get a chance of voting. Tomorrow the voted winner will be announced…but actually both these “ladies” (I use this term loosely..I’d rather they were referred to as nasty twisted old bats)

Bigot Number 1First on the list is Pauline Howe a ‘concerned’ (read whinging whining) Christian <spit> from Norwich (ie the most backward inbred part of the UK) who has been writing vitriolic homophobic hate-filled letters to her local council by the dozen as well as picketing gay pride parades screaming at the nice gays and lesbians and showing her Christian side fully (ie hate filled rhetoric from a book of fairy tales written 2000 years ago by bronze age sheep shaggers…mmm sounds very Norwich). Well the poor old dear got a visit from the Police because of the hatred in her unending supply of letters to the Council and is now moaning how hard done by she is and how the council overacted by reporting her for hate crimes. Sorry love you spew that kind of stuff you deserve being locked up in my humble opinion. More about the odious smelly old bat here

Second on the list of this weeks nominees is Ms. Ernestine Copeland. She gets nominated for her incoherent God filled ramblings and anti-gay statements (watch out for SodomY and Gomorrah if you can bear to watch the full 6 mins). Thanks to @lawrencemills for the nomination !!

Readers…start your voting now..!!

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Lawrence permalink
    October 30, 2009 18:35

    Oh, tough choice! Think I’ll go for the inbreeder though.

  2. Johanna permalink
    October 30, 2009 18:55

    How to choose between such horrid horrid people??? In the end the whackjob looneytune gets my vote, for trying to interfere with the law and being on tv and actually probably making some poor impressionable sod listen to her crap. Pfui!

  3. CestMoiTom permalink
    October 31, 2009 14:24

    Whackjob gets my vote! The first person is horrible but the second one is putting more effort into spreading her deluded beliefs, she’s more of a danger!

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