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October 29, 2009

I’m connected to someone famous !!!.

Well someone famous in the atheism world !!

Well Ok…. someone I know got a mention on a well read, well commented atheist website ..that I and a few others visit every day.

The person mentioned ? My mate Jeremy and his mention is here. The mention is about coming out as an atheist to your family, which of course in the hyper-religious US is more of a problem than here in wonderfully secular Western Europe !

Jeremy’s blog is superbly written, show’s off his skills as a photographer and he’s recently found out that his family have been dropping in secretly…but after the sphincter clenching moment that he had after finding out that his innermost radically strident atheistic thoughts were being displayed and read avidly by his religious family things have calmed down and his SiL (sister in law) is commenting on posts and engaging with us radical heathens !!

To cap off today..some cool pics that have been around online a while…but I liked them and following MBMR (My Blog My Rules) here they are 🙂

See that's where we get the term Sheeple from !

This is why we call them Sheeple

Atheistic fun ! but true..

The Vatican in a few years time...I hope !

Another blog worth reading and visiting everyday is that of another good online friend (and one of the Twitterati…you know who you are ) Julie (and she makes excellent Yorkshire Puds too!)  ..her blog can be found here

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  1. October 29, 2009 21:24

    Thanks for the mention, although the last batch of Yorkshires was all thanks to your advice!

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