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The bitch

October 16, 2009

As I mentioned I have a dog. This is “my bitch” as she’s affectionally known.
Molly grinning

She’s a brindle Japanese Akita Inu, not an American Akita, Akita or Great Japanese Dog or a Husky ! As you notice I’m quite precise about what she is – for a number of reasons – she’s a very attractive animal and get’s a lot of attention wherever we go and invariably the comments are “What a nice Husky” or “Wow she’s an unusual crossbreed”, of course those comments are usually in Dutch so I though I’d provide translation! Luckily they’re not so a common a breed as they have a reputation for being difficult and they’re definitely not ideal to get as your first dog. More about these magnificent (OK I’m biased!) can be found here.

I’ve always loved dogs and had them since I was 11 …30 years ago (OUCH!). My first dog was a Standard Poodle (no laughs please) called Kim, as when I was a kid I was allergic to nearly everything and luckily poodles have wool and not hair, so cause less problems with allergies. Kim lived to be 12 and was affectionately known as Grim as she had a furry tail (Grim’s Furry Tail….Grimm’s Fairy Tales..yes very lame family joke from my evil stepfather). When Kim/Grim died my mother decided that’s it no more dogs (I’d already left home at this stage), but two weeks later she got another Standard called Rosie, a rescue dog about 18 months old. Rosie was a super star, friendly, playful, intelligent, cheeky and cute and she used to come to stay weekends with me if the parents went away anywhere. Rosie lived until she was 16, a ripe old age !! A couple of years after getting Rosie my Mum decided that two dogs were just as easy to look after as one and we welcomed yet another rescue Standard Poodle into the family – Sootie. I will state here and now we didn’t choose the names…both dogs came with them ! Whereas Rosie had settled in quite quickly and had had an OK life before coming to us, Sootie was a different kettle of fish. For her first 18 months she’d lived with a well-to-do family who seemed to be too house proud. Sootie spent all her time in a shed with no bed, no toys and no attention. We think she’d been abused as well as she was timid always around men and doors. For the first week with my Mum Sootie just cowered in a corner and didn’t know what to do but through time, patience, love and attention she changed, within 6 months she was also a happy, loving, playful confident dog. Her and Rosie went to work with my Mum every day and wanted for nothing. Sootie also learned to be sneaky as well, whenever I’d go home to visit Rosie was boss dog and always wanted my attention first, Sootie quickly learned that if Rosie was getting attention at the front all she had to do was sit behind me and I’d stroke her at the same time. There’d be frequent semi-arguements between the two dogs as to who got to sit with me and go for walks first. Sootie lived to a ripe old age as well..she died 7 weeks after Rosie when she was 14.

As for Molly dog, back in 2003 I decided that for my birthday and seeing that I was at home on long term sick leave from work it would be a good idea to get a dog. I’d spent the two years before wanting to get another dog and had been trying to decide which breed to get. I’d seen Akita’s in the UK but always the American type, I read novels where they featured and heard of Hachiko (more here on Hachiko) and so started looking for breeders of Akita Inu’s here in The Netherlands. As luck would have it a week before my birthday I found a breeder who had one brindle puppy left for sale. I’d sort of decided I wanted a red coloured Akita but thought I’d go and see the puppy anyway. Warning bells were ringing as there was one puppy left and that the mother wasn’t around but I still went. When I got to the breeders it turned out the mother was around and that the reason the puppy was the last left over was that the breeder really wanted to keep her for herself but her husband insisted that all the puppies had to be sold. The breeder also said that this puppy had shown absolutely no interest in any of the other prospective owners who had visited and had been very stand-offish (a very Akita trait!) so she warned me not to expect too much. She opened the door and this huge footed 16 week old bundle of fluff ran in …stopped…looked around….. and jumped straight on my lap…that was it. Molly had chosen me…not the other way round. We’ve been together ever since and I can honestly say she is the best dog I’ve ever had….but every owner says that !! Having a dog is like having a child (I think …not having had kids!)..but a child that doesn’t answer back or go out partying until 0500 !!!

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  1. October 16, 2009 15:51

    I almost cried 🙂

  2. jeroen permalink
    March 22, 2010 15:09

    hello nice dog .i have a akita to a brendel male now 8 jears old bud a lot darker color
    a tip for you trust your dog the dog fiels it and becoms your frend my akita is alway of leas folows me effery where a frend for live never punis a akita then you cet punist ignor him thats the best opsionthe best food is royal cannin goodluk

  3. Anonymous permalink
    December 23, 2010 19:35

    Your an idiot for someone who is so anal retentive about being so precise over what you call your stupid Akita… POODLES DO NOT PRODUCE WOOL!!!! YOU IDIOT…They are a very low shedding dog because there hair is”wool like” not wool! Therefore they are less likely to cause a allergic reaction! IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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